Room Additions


It’s time to add a room. But how?

 Is it time to add a Room to your house? Let’s talk about Room Addition ideas and How to find space for a room addition.

You love your home. You’ve lived in it for many years. You’ve grown a bit in the past few years. You want your home to grow a bit with you. But you’re not ready to buy a new house and move away. Let’s talk about your options. Southland Remodeling, Inc in Sherman Oaks is ready with a full pallet to ideas to fit any budget, and virtually any home.

Why would you want a Room Addition? Where would you find the space for a Room Addition? Here are plenty of ways to answer those question. Continue reading

The Man Cave

A Man’s Dream = A Good Woman.
A Man’s Other Dream = A Man Cave.


A Man’s Home is his… Man Cave! …HGTV

Since the beginning of time, men have dreamed of having their own private space to hang out. Whether they want a place to watch their favorite sport, build a new monument, paint a masterpiece, pour a good glass of suds or just to watch a movie with their Buds, it is common for a man to dream of having his own private space; a place where he doesn’t have to defend himself, or justify himself, or just to hang out. No matter how you dream them, they are all personal versions of a Man Cave. Continue reading

Get noticed by passers-by when selling your house.

Get noticed by passers-by when selling your house.

Checklist: 12 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal: Making the front of your house look as attractive as possible from the street.

The idea is to create the perfect ‘first impression’ of your home to a potential buyer. When someone drives through your neighborhood and sees a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your beautiful home, this may attract them enough to pull over and look further. If your home is bedraggled, worn and tired-looking, it probably won’t attract as many buyers as you would like. So here is a quick check-list the we at Southland Remodeling use to help you to get started on one of the most important projects that you will do in order to sell your home: Continue reading

How much space do you need for a 1/2 bath?

addbathThis article will show you how much space you need for a 1/2 bath and where you can get that space from. When you originally moved into your current 2-bathroom house, you had 2 small children. It has been a great place to raise your kids. But now those little kids aren’t so little any more. Your teenaged son is frustrated several times each day because his teenaged sister is ALWAYS in the bathroom. And you could use some peace. Sound familiar? Continue reading

Should Californians Winterize their House?

rain“It Never Rains in Southern California.” So why should Californians winterize their house? How many times have you, as a Southern California resident heard that phrase and retorted “yah, right’.  We know it rains here. We know it can rain pretty hard and pretty long. Southern Californians are usually reactive when it comes to Winterizing their house. They often will wait until ‘something bad happens’ then they’ll pay for it. And big. Continue reading

Planning Ahead with Southland Remodeling

plan-aheadWe have all been told since childhood about the importance of planning ahead. But did we pay attention to that advise? Or do we simply react to whatever comes up at the moment? Maybe a little bit of both. Especially when it comes to remodeling our home.

When it comes to remodeling a home, oftentimes folks will wait until the tub has leaked all over the floor before upgrading or remodeling their bathroom. Or they’ll wait until one of the pipes under the kitchen sink breaks and floods the kitchen. Some might even wait until it rains in their bedroom before having their roof redone. All because a remodel is hard to afford, so they’ll save money until they need to spend it.

But are you REALLY saving money?

Continue reading


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