“Honey-Do” List Makes a Comeback – Home Remodeling on the Rise

By Meg Handley,U.S. News & World Report
Quoted: Kevin Anundson, CR, CKBR, NARI National Secretary, President of Owner Assisted Remodeling, Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council; Sal Alfano, editorial director, Remodeling Magazine by Hanley Wood, Inc., NARI National Member
Is it time to unearth those long-lost plans for a gourmet kitchen remodel? More and more Americans are starting to think so, according to a recent report on remodeling trends.
After enduring gut-wrenching home price drops over the past few years, property values are beginning to inch up again, giving homeowners a confidence boost when it comes to the thought of pouring more money into their abodes.

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Planning a Space for Your New Work-at-Home Office

Creating your new Home Office

Creating your new Home Office

Your job has changed. You see an opportunity to get to work at home. But finding the right space in your home to use as office space is a bit confusing. You have a few odd areas and spaces that might work, but it is important to look at these spaces with a critical eye in order to end up with a truly functional and work-inducing home office. Oren Farkash, the owner of Southland Remodeling in Sherman Oaks has assisted many homeowners in finding just the right space to meet the requirements of their new home office.

Here are a few things that you might want to consider before diving into a room remodel or a room addition. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Room Additions


It’s time to add a room. But how?

 Is it time to add a Room to your house? Let’s talk about Room Addition ideas and How to find space for a room addition.

You love your home. You’ve lived in it for many years. You’ve grown a bit in the past few years. You want your home to grow a bit with you. But you’re not ready to buy a new house and move away. Let’s talk about your options. Southland Remodeling, Inc in Sherman Oaks is ready with a full pallet to ideas to fit any budget, and virtually any home.

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The Man Cave

A Man’s Dream = A Good Woman.
A Man’s Other Dream = A Man Cave.


A Man’s Home is his… Man Cave! …HGTV

Since the beginning of time, men have dreamed of having their own private space to hang out. Whether they want a place to watch their favorite sport, build a new monument, paint a masterpiece, pour a good glass of suds or just to watch a movie with their Buds, it is common for a man to dream of having his own private space; a place where he doesn’t have to defend himself, or justify himself, or just to hang out. No matter how you dream them, they are all personal versions of a Man Cave. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Get noticed by passers-by when selling your house.

Get noticed by passers-by when selling your house.

Checklist: 12 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal: Making the front of your house look as attractive as possible from the street.

The idea is to create the perfect ‘first impression’ of your home to a potential buyer. When someone drives through your neighborhood and sees a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your beautiful home, this may attract them enough to pull over and look further. If your home is bedraggled, worn and tired-looking, it probably won’t attract as many buyers as you would like. So here is a quick check-list the we at Southland Remodeling use to help you to get started on one of the most important projects that you will do in order to sell your home: →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

How much space do you need for a 1/2 bath?

addbathThis article will show you how much space you need for a 1/2 bath and where you can get that space from. When you originally moved into your current 2-bathroom house, you had 2 small children. It has been a great place to raise your kids. But now those little kids aren’t so little any more. Your teenaged son is frustrated several times each day because his teenaged sister is ALWAYS in the bathroom. And you could use some peace. Sound familiar? →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

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