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Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

from ehow.com

Making a checklist for your plans to remodel or renovate your kitchen can help prevent unexpected problems on the way to completion. This checklist can also guide you toward creating the most efficient kitchen for your specific needs rather than trying to duplicate a dream kitchen you have seen that simply is not suited for your situation. Does this Spark an idea? Don’t forget to take a look at our Kitchen Idea Gallery while you’re here.

Wish List

  • “Everything and the Kitchen Sink” advises that you craft your kitchen remodeling checklist by first determining what the one thing is that your kitchen lacks most and that you desperately want to add. You may be like many people who want more storage space. You may want mostly to update decades-old, virtually obsolete appliances. You may simply want your time in the kitchen to be spent more efficiently.

Length of Use

  • You need to assess truthfully how long you plan to use your new kitchen and what kind of use it will see. Those who are planning to remodel after the kids have left home likely will not have the same needs as a couple with toddlers, who should be planning to remodel for the needs of a growing family.

Make Accurate Measurements

  • Get the most accurate measurements you can if you have decided to buy new appliances. These measurements may need to take into account the necessity for expanding space, so be precise in how much available space you will actually have. Even if you are planning to order products online, try to find an actual model display somewhere that can be measured against your home figures.


  • Examine whether the lighting in your kitchen is appropriate for the tasks at hand. General lighting from an overhead fluorescent light fixture, often the norm, in most cases simply is not enough. Look to see how you can add more illumination to the areas of the kitchen where you do the actual food preparation.


  • If you plan to install new countertops, be realistic about the material you plan to use. Marble counters look great, but if the counter is going to be subject to the whims of kids for the next 15 years you should be prepared for cracking and scratching. Stainless steel counters allow for the resting of hot pots and pans and the action of cutting vegetables and meats, but if you like to get up early and start cooking when others are asleep, stainless steel puts you at a disadvantage because it is noisy.

Professional vs. DIY Renovation

  • Be honest while compiling a kitchen renovation checklist. Ask yourself whether you can do some or all of the renovation yourself. Then consider how much professional help you will need. You should also honestly consider how much you can take in terms of allowing workers into your house. Renovations almost always take more time than planned, and patience may be the most important necessity you can place on that checklist.

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