Should Californians Winterize their House?

rain“It Never Rains in Southern California.” So why should Californians winterize their house? How many times have you, as a Southern California resident heard that phrase and retorted “yah, right’.  We know it rains here. We know it can rain pretty hard and pretty long. Southern Californians are usually reactive when it comes to Winterizing their house. They often will wait until ‘something bad happens’ then they’ll pay for it. And big. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Planning Ahead with Southland Remodeling

plan-aheadWe have all been told since childhood about the importance of planning ahead. But did we pay attention to that advise? Or do we simply react to whatever comes up at the moment? Maybe a little bit of both. Especially when it comes to remodeling our home.

When it comes to remodeling a home, oftentimes folks will wait until the tub has leaked all over the floor before upgrading or remodeling their bathroom. Or they’ll wait until one of the pipes under the kitchen sink breaks and floods the kitchen. Some might even wait until it rains in their bedroom before having their roof redone. All because a remodel is hard to afford, so they’ll save money until they need to spend it.

But are you REALLY saving money?

→']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

Outdoor Kitchens for Barbeque Warriors

by P. Civalleri

It used to be bar-be-ques. Then it was big bar-be-ques. Then it was big electric bar-be-ques. But in Southern California our outdoor ‘chefs’ aren’t stopping there. Because our huge weather window allows us plenty of outdoor play time each year, our back yards have become the haven where our weekend warriors are →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

New Kitchen Before & After

BA-16We recently completed the remodel of this kitchen. [Click photo to see details]  The overall ‘look’ had been used and dated and the owner was ready for an ‘overhaul’.  We stripped all surfaces and gave the room a beautiful wooded finish that included the cabinetry as well as the flooring. The 15-year-old appliances were upgraded which really gave this new kitchen a polished and finished look! →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

BackYard MakeOver Ideas

from our friends at LandScaping Network

yardDo you rarely spend time in your backyard? Do you have a dilapidated deck or worn out patio? Do you hate wasting time and water to care for a large lawn? Is your backyard lacking space for entertaining? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions it sounds like you may be ready for a backyard makeover. Southland Remodeling in the Los Angeles area has a yard-load of terrific ideas to get you moving in a direction that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. →']);" class="more-link">Continue reading

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