ByronOren is fantastic.  We hired him in September 2013 to do a remodel of our master bathroom on a very tight schedule.  The project was a complete tear-down and rebuild, including significant plumbing changes, electrical and construction of a new shower.  Everything was completed on schedule and at the highest level of quality.  The cost was very reasonable, and Oren always discussed any necessary changes with us and gave us options to choose from.

What we enjoy the most about working with Oren is his pleasant demeanor, professionalism and competence.  His crew is also top notch in every area, and completely trustworthy and respectful.  Every night when we came home from work, our house was clean, locked up and all of the work materials were stored neatly.

So, after we finished the master bath, we asked Oren to come back to remodel our 2nd bathroom.  The project has just started and we’re looking forward to another great job.

~ Byron D.

kitchen08a“Oren, thank you for a wonderful kitchen and two beautiful bathrooms. I really enjoyed working with you and your team on my project. I’m [now] making up for all those weeks when I wasn’t cooking. Of course the kitchen is a complete mess, but that is OK. It is easy to clean up, which if you remember was my number one requirement. Again, thank you for all your help”


“Oren and his crew are wonderful to work with. They are professional and courteous, they listen well, and they care about getting the job done well. Completely trustworthy and always on time. They were honest about the costs, always found the best deal for me, and when unexpected problems came up along the way, they had no problem handling them. Remodeling my bathroom was an experience with no anxiety thanks to Oren and his crew. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

~Melissa M.


“I used Oren to remodel all 4 bathrooms in my house. The work came out great and I was extremely happy with the crew, timing and over all service. Since I am a real estate agent I had recommended oren to a number of my clients and they were very pleased as well. I definitely recommend southland remodeling for your project. You can ask me more at www.iris4re.com”


“We hired Oren a couple of years ago to remodel our master bathroom. His team were not just courteous and sensitive to our family (we continued to live in the house during this process), but the quality of their workmanship was incredible! We have been proudly showing it off for several years now. This year, we decided to remodel our kitchen and 3 bathrooms. There was nobody else in our minds that we could call. What a relief – no strangers. Thank you Oren & team for such continued excellent service, skills and plain old good manners. We’ll call you again for the next round!”

~ Patty C.

“Southland Remodeling was recommended to me by a friend who had been pleased with Oren & his team’s work. In my own bathroom, the plumbing was old and the design made poor use of limited space. Other changes, included updating the tile and vanity, and replacing the tub with a shower and a built in bench and glass doors. Oren Farkash, worked with me from the design up, listening to my description of desired outcomes and responding with suggested options and alternatives where applicable. I was also made aware, from the beginning of differences in budget items and their impact on the total cost of the project. Together we settled on every element including a realistic timetable for the project. I was more than pleased with the way the crew worked expediently, and with respect for my time and my home. I remain most pleased with every aspect of the work and professional relationship and anticipate further projects in the near future.”

~ Joanna R. Satorius, Pasadena, CA.


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